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Remedial Stone Fusion

In more recent times the application of hot stones for a therapeutic purpose has become very popular with clients. Generally speaking clients attending a remedial massage practitioner attend because they are in discomfort or pain. In this situation a general hot stone routine treatment may not assist a clients dysfunction or assist with pain management. The combination of remedial techniques and hot stones is not only significantly enjoyable by the client but can also add an additional effects to your massage to assist your client. The remedial stone fusion is a greatly sort after treatment and your clients are bound to enjoy the experience for relaxation and for a remedial effect. Stone sets are available to purchase through the school. Please allow 3 weeks to arrive.

Facilitator: Terri Bless | Remedial Massage/Myofascial Release Practitioner

Call 02 4393 1200/ complete enrolment form and return
School of Integrated Body Therapy - 1 Callaghan Close, Charmhaven 2263 NSW
Ph: 02 4393 1200 Fax: 02 4393 3333
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