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Canine (K9) Remedial Massage 1 Course


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The Canine Remedial 1 Massage course is an introduction to massage for dogs and is suitable for all those with a love of dogs and an interest in improving their health and wellbeing with the gentle but powerful therapy of massage. Classes will enable you to understand introductory principles and basic terminology of canine anatomy, physiology and applied introductory techniques.


  • Course will include:

  • Introduction to Canine Remedial Massage

  • Contraindications

  • Warning signs

  • Canine case history taking

  • Creating a canine massage treatment plan

  • Canine behaviour

  • Structural assessment and observation

  • Intro to Canine gait assessment

  • Massage techniques 

  • Building palpation skills and awareness

  • Introduction to Canine Anatomy & Physiology and terminology

  • OH&S for the canine remedial massage therapist

  • Hygiene, infection control

  • Exercise physiology

  • Intro to Symtomotology and assessment

  • Working with a veterinarian

  • Introductory Terminology

  • Ethical practice

  • Legal requirements


Dogs like humans need care and therapy from time to time. Many dogs suffer unnecessarily and in the caring hands of a trained canine remedial massage therapist much can be achieved to assist a dog's healing and or recovery. As with humans, not all muscular-skeletal conditions can be effectively treated with massage however many can.


If you like to work with dogs and have a passion to assist our four-legged friends there are numerous opportunities, perhaps to establish your own canine remedial massage service, whether that be from a home base or at canine events or working alongside other animal specialists such as Vets and or Vet nurses. Many dogs need rehabilitation especially in greyhound racing and in show dog areas however many loved household pets also need care and attention after injury, illness or accident. If you own a dog (or dogs) you are sure to personally benefit from this training, have a lot to offer your own pet but also other dogs in need.


Course material: Shortly before the course fully paid students will be sent the notes by email.  Students have an option of printing the notes manually themselves or bringing their iPad or laptop to classes.  A Dog Anatomy book will be provided at the first class.

Not a Nationally Recognised Training.

Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
Canine Massage Course
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