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Minimum of 24 hours notice must be provided by phone verbally direct to reception staff, or by SMS reply to the Centre’s confirmation text.


The full fee for the treatment is payable in both the cases below:
- Less than 24 hours notice being provided to cancel an appointment verbally, direct to reception staff, or by SMS reply to the Centre’s  confirmation text
- Or not showing up to the appointment you have booked (and/or have confirmed).

Payment must be made no less than 24 hours prior to your next scheduled appointment.


The Lake Spa Wellness Centre has been established for over 35 years offering qualified natural medicine practitioner services to the local Central Coast area. The demand for the professional service we offer is in increasingly high demand.

Unfortunately we do have clients cancelling with inadequate notice, or not attending their booked appointment (no show). More often than not, a practitioner may have a client on standby who could have taken an appointment that had been cancelled with adequate notice.

Also keep in mind that a practitioner may be waiting back for a client or have made a special trip to the Centre to be ready to attend a client for a booked appointment.

Our professionally trained practitioners are in high demand and often have waiting lists. This policy has been implemented to enable those who make regular appointments a greater opportunity to book with our practitioners at their preferred times.

We fully understand and appreciate many clients do give adequate notice to change or cancel their appointments, however we need one rule for all.

If you have an extenuating reason for not giving adequate notice or showing up, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send an email to Management at where your case may be reviewed.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation policy effective 1 January 2024

Cancellation Policy

Our practitioners are qualified and professional.
On your first visit your practitioner will take a full case history to ensure your safety.
Prior to commencing a massage the therapist will fully explain the proposed treatment and liaise with you regarding any concerns you may have. They will instruct you to undress (leaving on your underwear) and will leave the room while you do so. 
During your massage your body will be fully draped with sheets or towels and only the part being massaged will be exposed

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