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SIBT Rules and General Conditions of Enrolment

On the day Covid-19 RAT test or recent PCR test (within 36 hrs) may be required for attendance at events. Tests must be current and
will be available for purchase when possible. Covid conditions apply, please contact SIBT for clarification.

Payment of fees for an event indicates you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions as set below by the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd. It is recommended that you discuss with the school prior to enrolment any of the rules and general conditions of enrolment that may need clarification.

To qualify for accreditation, a student must be able to fulfil the following obligations:

1.   Demonstrate to School that academic/technical skills have been obtained to a satisfactory degree, through assessment and minimum 85% attendance or as required. 

2.   Satisfy all academic, attendance, financial and ethical obligations to the School, including payment of fees and/or ordered goods.


The School states or requires that:

3.   Once a course/module/workshop/event has commenced all fees are due and owing to the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd, and no fees are refundable. The School cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances/work which may occur after commencement of course/module/workshop/event.

4.   Student must advise in writing at time of enrolment if they are pregnant, have a medical condition and/or special learning needs prior to the commencement of any course/module/workshop/event. Students must report any incidents, concerns or injuries immediately to event facilitator and/or the school office in writing.

5.   The School reserves the right to send notes electronically and not provide a hard copy. Students requiring hard copies will be charged an administration fee set by the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd.

6.   Student’s accept responsibility for goods ordered by the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd on their behalf. Payment is required prior to delivery of goods.

7.   The School, Directors, School Advisors, Teachers, Supervisors or staff will not be held liable in respect of any information, instruction or advice given to any student, ex-student or practitioner, whether directions given at any time or in any situation including course /module /workshop/event and external activities are followed or not. The course/module/workshop/event are given as advice and instruction, and anyone carrying out practical treatment under these conditions must accept full responsibility for such practice and treatment.

8.   Students are entitled to 1 copy of the stated qualification relevant to the course/workshop/event. Fees apply for extra copies emailed or hard copies.

9.   The School is not responsible for personal items/valuables brought to a course/module/workshop/event. Students must be responsible for their own items and equipment. Tables/equipment must be safe and suitable for a course/module/workshop/event environment and meet School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd standards.

10. Student accommodation confirmation will only be given after payment is received. Accommodation is offered with an understanding that all losses whether physical or property remains the responsibility of the tenant/student.

11. Students are required to strictly adhere to the student dress code outlined in the Student Handbook available on the website for courses/modules/workshops/event.

The School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd reserves the right -

12. To make any changes/revise at any time to its policies, syllabus, lecturers, guidelines, schedules, fees, administration charges, modules, workshops, events, tutorials, requirements, etc. or any other provision contained in the school’s website, prospectus, any brochure or course materials.

13. To cancel, postpone or consolidate any course/module/workshop/event should there be, in the opinion of the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd, insufficient enrolments prior to the commencement of the course/module/workshop/event. Enrolled students will be notified, and if approved, fees will be credited towards a subsequent course/module/workshop/event or may be refunded if requested in writing. Refund requests must be received in writing. Refund does not apply after course/module/workshop/event has commenced.

14. To suspend or expel a student at any time and the determination to suspend or expel shall be in the absolute discretion of the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd.

15. To automatically add student details to the School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd mailing lists and data bases unless otherwise requested by the student in writing and to have their mobile phone number used for text messages regarding reminders.

16. CPE Events/Workshops are not to be confused with Nationally Recognised Training and/or Training Packages or VET accreditation.

17. ATMS CPE10 hours/points can be carried forward to the next CPE year.

18. The early bird offer strictly expires one calender month prior to event date/s. Early bird payment must be received (includes cleared in the School account) one calendar month BEFORE by 4pm.

19. COVID requirements as per directed by the Health Department apply and are subject to change.

20. Check with your association regarding CPE/CPD hours and points. SIBT hours are stated in the marketing of CPE events.

21. A minimum of 50% deposit may be accepted for events where adequate places exist.

22. The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event if the event is deemed not viable.

23. The School does not permit children at any events.

24. Students are required to bring their own equipment including massage tables, towels etc. If available tables may be hired when booked and paid in advance ($15). Students may be required to supply their own equipment i.e. Stones, cups, creams etc. as deemed a requirement for the training.

25. Participant’s in SIBT CPE events must be able to provide evidence of prior relevant training.

26. Participant’s who do not attend a CPE event in total will be awarded a certificate equalling their hours of attendance.

27. Revised rules and guidelines take effect from date guidelines are revised and available by request from the school office.


The School of Integrated Cancellation Policy -

28. Once an event has commenced fees are non-refundable.

29. Full refund if refund request received in writing giving a minimum of 10 working days notice for events held at Charmhaven.

30. Full refund if refund request received in writing giving a minimum of 20 working days notice for events held external to Charmhaven.

31. Approved refund requests outside of the stated requirements above may incur a 50% administration fee. The administration fee will be deducted automatically.

32. Request for approved refunds and approved transfers or approved credit require a prepaid $25 administration fee.

33. Transfer from one event to another may be permitted with a minimum of 10 working days notice and a prepaid $25 administration fee required.


Students are advised to contact/visit School of Integrated Body Therapy Pty Ltd before enrolling in an event if clarification is required of any of the above.

V3 8/11/2021

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