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Unscarring Tissue

Adhesions and scars in connective tissue may result in a variety of circumstances. The breakdown or reduction of adhesions and scar tissue can be gained through applied advanced massage techniques. Scar tissue is made up of collagen fibres. These collagen fibres are often fibrous connective tissues which may impair or restrict muscle movement and/or your client's flexibility. Scar tissue and adhesions can cause muscles and tendons to lose their elasticity causing your client pain, a restriction in movement and reduced nutrition to the area. You will learn and combine several advanced massage techniques directly applied manually to assist break down restricted connective tissue which may be decreasing blood and lymph flow to the area. These manual massage techniques will assist with the body's own innate healing potential to restore the connective tissue to health and potentially improve the appearance of a scar.

Facilitator: Terri Bless | Remedial Massage/Myofascial Release Practitioner

Call 02 4393 1200/ complete enrolment form and return
School of Integrated Body Therapy - 1 Callaghan Close, Charmhaven 2263 NSW
Ph: 02 4393 1200 Fax: 02 4393 3333
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