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Working with Lymphatics

The lymphatic system is the major drainage system of the body. It plays a key role in the surveillance and defence of the body, it functions in immune response, it assists in the maintenance of fluid balance by draining fluid from the tissues, and returning vital substances back to the blood stream. In this hands-on course you will learn skills to assist the functioning of this vital system, and skills to enhance your treatments. We look at the functions of the lymphatic system; various lymphatic techniques; and contraindications. You will learn techniques including Pedal Pump, Liver and Splenic Pump, and Thoracic Pump which are sure to enhance the therapeutic response for your valued clients.

Facilitator: Wendy Sawley | Remedial Massage Practitioner, Reflexologist

Call 02 4393 1200/ complete enrolment form and return
School of Integrated Body Therapy - 1 Callaghan Close, Charmhaven 2263 NSW
Ph: 02 4393 1200 Fax: 02 4393 3333
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