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What Our Grads Say

I trained with SIBT from January 2019 until November 2020 and graduated with a Diploma in Remedial Massage. Before I signed up with the SIBT I shopped around for a school that fits my needs, i.e. small classes, experienced teachers, a wide range of modalities, and real hands-on experience in massage, that is in a clinic environment. Believe it or not, some schools train their students through Zoom clinics – take it from someone who has just been on that journey: you cannot learn the skills to be a good practitioner without hands-on guidance from a teacher. SIBT stood out to me straight from the beginning and I wasn’t disappointed. The quality of education is very high, the teachers all have 20+ years of industry experience and put their heart into their teaching roles. Having completed this training, I feel well prepared and confident to practice as a massage practitioner. In the second year of my studies COVID-19 hit and initially it wasn’t clear what this would mean for us students; however, the School managed to get all of us through the course safely and smoothly. One of the things about SIBT that is very special is the camaraderie of the students and the fun everyone has while learning to become a practitioner. For me, this was immensely important, as it kept me motivated and made it easier when the list of exams and assignments seemed to be a never-ending story. Thank you, SIBT.


Green Point, 2020

I was looking for a career change in my 50’s.  After meeting with Maggie from SIBT to discuss the Remedial Massage Diploma, I decided Remedial Massage was for me. I can honestly say, this was the most enjoyable course I have ever completed.  The staff and trainers at SIBT made learning a new career so enjoyable that I did not want the course to end.  I have made lifelong friends throughout my course and had the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people.

Coming from a Business Management career, I had initial concerns about learning a completely different field, those concerns soon subsided once I started the course.  The way in which the teachers taught us and their continual support throughout the course, made it all seem so simple.

I am now looking forward to starting my new career in my own practice, working my own hours! I cannot recommend SIBT enough!


Tuggerah, 2020

I originally qualified in massage in the UK and decided to upgrade my qualifications with SIBT after settling in Australia.

Here, I learnt a vast variety of modalities and techniques by the wonderful teaching staff, who's knowledge of the latest methods was always shared and taught with patience, passion and a friendly manner. My experience with SIBT has given me the skills and confidence to practice massage, start my own business and engage with other healthcare professionals. I highly recommend SIBT to anyone wanting to enter in to or upgrade in the industry


Hamlyn Terrace, 2020

Prior to studying Massage Therapy, I was teaching yoga and I initially started studying the Diploma to further my knowledge of the human anatomy to assist my yoga teachings. My training at SIBT helped me get my first job in the industry. I completed the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy in November 2019 so I could apply for my current position. I have been working as a Spa Therapist for almost a year now and I have gained so much more confidence as a therapist. Although I have learnt a lot from this job, I feel like studying at SIBT has prepared me well, especially the student clinics, they are a real taste of what the industry is like.


Long Jetty, 2020

I was looking for a way to upgrade my working skills and participate in Natural Therapies at the same time being a long time believer in Nature and Natural Remedies to realign and support the body. A friend mentioned Massage Therapy at LakeSpa in regard to my profession. I have since completed the Diploma of Remedial Massage at LakeSpa/School of Integrated Body Therapy, I have never looked back.  The teachers and staff have been a treasure of information covering all areas of massage and lifestyle in general. With ongoing training to keep updated with the latest methods and information. I would recommend LakeSpa/School of Integrated Body Therapy to anyone looking for a natural and new career. With so much to offer and the rewards are countless.


Gorokan, 2020

Thanks to all the staff at SIBT for providing valuable insight and skills relevant to the alternative health industry, there is no substitute for years of experience or knowledge accrued, and I am appreciative of the clinical pearls of wisdom imparted.  The training provided reflects a well-rounded course that covers every aspect of professional development required for a career in this field. All the best for the future.


Murwillumbah, 2020

Regarding the School of Integrated Body as a whole. I would like to say thanks and give my appreciation to the whole team of making my journey in completing my upgrade diploma in Remedial Massage a memorable one. It has been a positive experience; the level of professionalism and support is outstanding. The knowledge learnt in the classes and lecturers has also been invaluable. After having just on 20 years’ experience in the industry, you can still teach an old dog new tricks. Had a great time, you will be missed. Many thanks!


Coffs Harbour, 2020

I can highly recommend the School of Integrated Body Therapy as a training organization as well as giving career/education advice.  I initially trained with SIBT in 2004 and completed the HLT50302 Diploma.  I was able to start my massage business straight away in a chiropractic clinic where I built my business over 4 years.  I then decided to live and work in London for 4 years and gained employment in a 5-star day spa.  I was able to spend the last 3 years in London self-employed and was contracted at a reputable health clinic and built up a very successful business.  One reason why my client base grew very quickly was the high level of education in remedial massage that we have in Australia compared to Europe.  I have returned to Australia and started my massage business again. A Diploma upgrade to HLT50215 is worth looking into when considering your CPE's and also for keeping your Health Fund Provider numbers current.


Avoca Beach, 2020

My experience with Lake Spa Wellness Centre & School of Integrated Body was very positive. My individual needs were accommodated willingly. Course notes were of an excellent standard and all staff were helpful, informative and supportive. Thank you all very much.


Dubai, 2020

I initially obtained my Remedial Massage Diploma in the late ’80s and have returned to the school to update and upgrade my qualifications several times during the last 30 years. The support that Maggie and the office staff have given to me personally during this time is unsurpassed. The training that I have received from the school's amazing trainers is nothing short of world-class! It has always been easy for me to return to the school to upgrade/update my knowledge as the staff are always and supportive and welcoming. I would always choose S.I.B.T as my first choice for training.


Rylstone, 2020

Over my journey with my studies, I have gone from a person who really lacked self-confidence into a completely different person, and it’s something that not only I have noticed, but the Teachers have also commented on how far I have come over my time in my studies. I now know what I am doing is benefiting clients and feel that if I have someone come up to me with an issue I could help them confidently. My skill level from day 1 has increased and I now have the knowledge to help me throughout my career and feel like with the knowledge I’m leaving the school with enough to overtime run a successful business.


Wattanobbi, 2019

I’d first looked at studying with SIBT 3 years ago, but things got in the way and I put it off. Last year in July I finally took the leap and signed myself up to start the course the following September and I’m so glad I did! 

My teachers were great and the staff were so friendly and supportive throughout my whole experience. I really can’t thank them enough for making me feel at ease, especially when it came to starting my clinic days and doing exams.

My teacher was very thorough and easy-to-follow, which suited my style of learning as I hadn’t been a student since finishing year 12 years ago.

I was actually able to finish my Cert IV qualification in exactly a year and having received my certificate recently I decided to quit my job and start my own business. Having taken over a lease in a local shopping centre, I am now well on my way to making my dream a reality! It just blows me away what one can achieve in just a year and I’m so grateful to everyone from SIBT who has helped me along the way and a special mention to Maggie for encouraging me on my new journey and for her advice.

I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of studying massage to look no where else but SIBT. You’ll be glad you did and it will be the best investment you’ll make for yourself and your future.


The Entrance, 2019

I have recently completed my Diploma studies with SIBT and I couldnt be happier with the training or the support I received through the training process. Not only are they a very professional school with high standards of education delivery, they have that special personal touch that makes you feel like you are part of a family. From the amazing admin staff to the very knowledgeable trainers I am so glad I chose SIBT as my training provider. I highly recommend them for anyone considering Massage as a career. THANK YOU!!


Mardi, 2019

Amazing teachers, excellent student support. Prepare students very well for the "real world" as a practising massage therapist.


Gosford, 2019

I want to say thank you! Thank you to Maggie and all the staff and teacher’s at SIBT that helped me on my path to achieving the completion of my Diploma of Remedial Massage. The journey took a little longer than I thought it would and there have been times I thought I should just give it away but the beautiful staff at SIBT helped me through it all with their patience and understanding nature. I will be forever grateful to you all. Thank you from the bottom of heart!


Toukley, 2019

A big thank you to Maggie, the teachers and admin staff at SIBT Charmhaven for guiding and assisting me with my Remedial Diploma upgrade. The teachers are extremly knowledgeable and make learning a joy. I highly recommend this training facility for anyone starting a career in massage or like myself, wanting to upgrade their skills and qualifications.
Wishing everyone all the best


Toukley, 2018

I recently graduated with my Remedial Massage Diploma and have commenced working in the industry. I started my training at another college and joined the School of Integrated Body Therapy. I enjoyed the classes and the interaction between teachers and other students. Having worked in the health industry for over 3 decades I plan to offer Remedial Massage on a part time basis as I am still working full time. As a mature age student I found the learning to be stimulating and enjoyed my time at SIBT. I would encourage anyone wanting to have a career in massage train with SIBT as the skills learnt are required to have a successful and effective massage practice.


Toukley, 2018

In the last 2 years I have completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage at the School of Integrated Body Therapy and have to say it has been an amazing experience. Maggie and her staff have been fabulous in helping me reach my goals as a confident massage therapist. The learning environment is most friendly and the teachers are knowledgeable and personable too, making for a relaxed atmosphere. I have loved my journey at SIBT and have made some life long friends along the way. I have no regrets choosing SIBT for my Diploma, I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about pursuing a career in massage. Thank you for everything guys!


Ashtonfield, 2018

I have recently completed my Diploma of Remedial massage at The School of Integrated Body Therapy. I cannot speak highly enough of the college and the course that they offer. Due to Maggie’s knowledge of, and experience within the industry, she is able to offer the students invaluable support from the time you enrol until you complete your course and even beyond this time.

The teachers are amazing! They are all highly skilled experienced practitioners who are able to pass on their wealth of knowledge to the students in a highly enjoyable way. The student clinic is so well organised and ensures that during your time at the college you treat a vast number of different conditions with the supervisors always available to assist you. The comprehensive content of the Diploma of Remedial Massage means that graduates complete the course ready to confidently treat clients.

I highly recommend the college to anyone who is considering a career in massage therapy.


Bateau Bay, 2018

Coming from an elite background in Athletics where I competed in the Olympic games World championships, and Commonwealth games as a sprinter, I have always been interested in the body especially from a performance point of view. As an athlete, I really started to understand the importance of biomechanics and movement which could also hinder performance. I incorporated massage treatments early on in my career which made a big difference in keeping my injuries to a minimum.

I then became more interested in the body and thought it would be great to pursue a career in massage. My coach at the time said “what are you going to do when you finish your running career” and it then become pretty clear that this would be the path I would embark on for the last 20yrs. I started my training with SIBT back in 1993, doing the sports massage course and I was surrounded by lots of interesting people from all professional backgrounds within in the industry, which really exited me. I then went onto do Therapeutic  massage and Remedial massage in 1995 which was a great year especially after returning home to Newcastle from the world Championships in Sweden with a world silver Medal in the men's 4x100mtr relay.

Learning massage felt great for me as it also gave me a better understanding into treatments plus I thought the school had a very sound program that offered really good knowledge with great courses to go with it. I have worked in several big clinics here in Australia as well as internationally, I lived in Sweden for a total of 11 and a half years which gave me a wealth of experience and understanding of what’s involved in running my own business and treating clients. SIBT gave me a great base to work from which then inspired me to want to learn more. I then became very interested in a technique called Active Release Techniques which is a soft tissue technique which is very involved in treating specific problems. I have for many years been an educator now especially for this technique plus another method called Red Cord which is my rehab method that I learnt in Sweden as well as Norway where it originated. I have also been very fortunate to have been taught by world leaders in the field, which has provided me with credibility in my clinical practice. SIBT had given me a passion and has driven me onto greater heights than I ever thought could be possible. I have been able to confidently and successfully treat and share knowledge with many of the best athletes and practitioners in the world.

My passion for bodywork is strong and drives me in my clinical practice, now spanning two decades. I love my job and I love more than anything helping people and giving them a better quality of life. This is so rewarding and always puts a smile on my face as well as the patients.

When I returned back to Australia in 2014 I needed to update my qualifications so once again my clients could be eligible for health funds rebates.

I returned to SIBT to update my qualifications. Maggie Sands SIBT Principal guided me and was so helpful in assisting me to understand what I needed to do. It made my life allot easier in being able to update my Australian massage qualifications and re-establish my health fund eligibility once again.

I attended a series of courses to update my skills. I have to say I was very impressed with how the courses where presented and taught which also expanded my therapeutic skills to use in my treatment tool kit.

SIBT is a very organised and I am impressed by Maggie Sands in how she supports & follows the development of the students. She has a positive outlook offering a thorough and great program suited to all that are passionate about well-being and health. Thanks SIBT Maggie, trainers & staff for all of your support.


Newcastle, 2018

In the past 2 years I have studied and completed the Myofascial  Release Diploma and the Diploma of Remedial Massage. Maggie was a great support during my time studying. All of the lecturers have such a high skill level and are excellent in passing their knowledge onto the students whether in class or in clinic. The staff in the office are so helpful when you need information or booking of clinics. I felt very blessed and lucky to have chosen SIBT to up grade my skills and will continue to do their courses as the teaching standards are so high. Thanks everyone for all your help in the past 2 years.


Forster, 2017

I have studied with SIBT for the past two years upgrading my Diploma of Remedial Massage.  The guidance from Maggie Sands at the helm and her fantastic team certainly made it a very informed and comprehensive experience for me.  The level of training and guidance was excellent and I would highly recommend this school to anyone starting out in the health industry or who'd like to upgrade their skills.  The school has highly qualified teachers who are very approachable and have no hesitation going beyond their call of duty to help you understand and learn.  I will continue to upgrade my CPE points with this school in the future.  Thank you sincerely SIBT for all you have taught me.


Ballina, 2017

Going back to study as a middle aged student was worrying for me. I am now glad to say I had a great experience. The teachers were fantastic, and so much support and guidance was given along the way. Maggie and her team are all so approachable it feels like a family, then there is all the fantastic people you will meet in your student clinics. The guidance you receive from your supervisor is above and beyond. I will return for my CPE points as I know Maggie will make sure the quality of course will be the best, and taught by the best. I would like to thank everyone from the fantastic office staff onward for my journey.


Wangi Wangi, 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time training at the School of Integrated Body Therapy.   Being new to  massage as a career I have appreciated the support given to me.  The teachers have extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of massage techniques and I have found this invaluable.  The student clinics have provided a fantastic hands on learning base to use and extend my massage skills so that I am confident to begin my new career on completion of my training.  If you are considering a career in massage I would definitely recommend SIBT.


Singleton, 2017

I studied and completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage at SIBT. I found the flexibility of the school and course amazing whilst I was working full time. All of the lecturers are passionate about the industry and have an extensive level of knowledge and skill that they are keen to pass on in both class and clinic.Thank you SIBT for everything you have taught me.


Dover Heights, 2017

I completed my Certificate IV and Diploma with SIBT, and with the skills and knowledge gained, am now working successfully in the massage industry. The entire staffing body at SIBT were extremely supportive throughout, and offered encouragement at every step. The knowledge and experience of the entire teaching staff is second to none, and it is amazing how willing they are to help, encourage, and support every student, not just in regards to massage, however also with life and personal journeys. I have continued to look to SIBT for other courses I have completed, including Hot Stone and Ear Candling, and will continue to study with them in the future.


Gwandalan, 2017

I studied my Certificate 4 at another college, moved up here to Lake Macquarie and enrolled into SIBT to complete my Diploma.What an amazing experience it has been. The teaching is fantastic. I love how each of the teachers use all different methods of teaching.You have the notes, skeleton, projector and hands on. You are always made feel welcome and relaxed. You can ask a question and have input without being made to look foolish. Maggie (School Principal), you go above and beyond to make us feel welcome into your college, giving great advice and words of wisdom. Enrolling into the college was the best decision I have made. It is not just about massage, it's a real personal growth experience. Thanking You.


Lake Macquarie, 2017

Since completing the Trigger Point and Lymphatic Massage modules it has been a turning point in treating my clients. I find I use Trigger Points on everyone and my clients are amazed at the results and relief. I have had a few clients post opp and they have enjoyed the Lymphatic massage. Now that spring is here I know the face drainage will be most beneficial. I look forward to doing the Ear Candling Workshop to make it a stand-alone treatment. I can't believe how the time has passed so quickly and I am tying up loose ends for the Diploma of Remedial Massage. I plan to celebrate when all is complete. Thank you.



I first experienced massage three years ago when I was given a gift voucher from a friend. It was such a wonderful experience I came away thinking 'how rewarding it would be to be able to make other people feel that way'. I enrolled the following year and completed Certificate IV in Remedial Massage which triggered my thirst for wanting more knowledge and skills than I had so far achieved. It was at that point in my life I heard of SIBT and a friend and I travelled to the Central Coast to study Neurolymphatics and upgrade our qualifications to the Diploma. I have continued to study with SIBT as they now offer courses in Dubbo and surrounding areas, which is a wonderful opportunity for Therapists in this area to have such knowledgeable, dedicated, caring teachers only too willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience, in a friendly relaxed environment, available so close to home. I will be forever grateful for the help and support that I have received and highly recommend SIBT to everyone.



About 18 months ago my life had hit a dark place. The business my husband and I had owned for 18 years was falling apart, my children had left home and I felt lost. Then for some reason greater than all of us I sat in front of my computer and typed in the words "Massage Class" and up came SIBT and my life changed. I enrolled in the course and started in February 2008. My first teacher was Lynne Davidson and she saved me, she showed me the beauty and peace you can achieve through massage. It gave me a purpose. Since then I have gone on to finish my Cert IV and my Diploma in Sports and Trigger and I am planning to do more study through SIBT. My journey has become a journey of self discovery and an opportunity to learn a skill that I can make a living from and I love doing every day. To the management, staff and life long friends I have met through my classes and clinics at SIBT I thank you for saving me and helping me to grow. I am now in a far better place where life is spectacular.



I began my massage training at SIBT in 2005 after I had received a scholarship through my highschool during senior year. After completion, I had been bitten by the "massage bug" and continued to study with SIBT, since completing my Remedial Massage Diploma, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage and Myofascial Release and more. I was very priveledged to also have worked in the Lakespa Clinic as a Senior Practitioner as well as Assistant Teachers aid for Certificate IV classes. I have learned so much from the people at Lakespa and SIBT, that I went on to working as a Remedial Therapist for a prestigious sporting massage clinic in Brisbane, that allowed me to treat some of Australia's and International sporting elite and other well known individuals. Since then i have also comprehensively worked along side with many Physiotherapists specialising in sporting event coverage. I am now the Senior Therapist and Manager of the Sheraton Mirage day spa in Port Douglas, Far North Qld, and am loving every moment of my dream career in paradise.I believe if i hadn't completed my training with SIBT, that I would not have been able to accomplish all of the things that I have in the short time I have been a practitioner. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and will continue to give my upmost praise and support for all of the practitioners, teachers and administration staff who are associated with Lakespa and SIBT.


Port Douglas

I had never considered becoming a massage therapist until my husband hurt his shoulder. He suggested it would be a good idea for me to learn to massage so he would not have to pay someone to do the massage. I had no idea what to expect! I ended up enjoying it more than I ever expected! I started with Remedial Massage in 2002 and have continued my learning into Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Reflexology. I left my job and now run my own Massage Clinic full-time. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help other people and I now have a career that I love.



A decision was needed in my life! Something with purpose that would let me evolve as an individual but also assist me to contribute to my family. By chance or by fate, the idea of massage was bestowed upon me. It felt natural for me to follow this idea. It was a journey of self-awareness and an educational path assisting me to help others in their process of healing. I found the schools teaching faculty of the highest calibre. The diversity of skills I have now mastered has enabled me to start my own small business with a caring intent and the confidence to help those around me. Now I can use my nationally recognised qualifications to further my direction at a tertiary level or continue my journey to study natural therapies. Thank you all at SIBT.



I commenced my journey with trepidation. Why you may ask - Firstly I have always had a very strong belief in the benefits of "natural healing" be it physical, emotional, psychological - all go hand in hand to obtain/sustain a complete sense of wellbeing (I also have a Diploma in Counselling) and secondly quietly doubting my academic ability to successfully grasp the theory side of the course. Self confidence has never been one of my strong points.Throughout my journey I continuously found myself surrounded by the most nurturing, supportive and encouraging like minded people. People (Teachers/Supervisors, fellow students and the Administration staff) from all age groups and backgrounds, becoming like a second family. This "second family" (unbeknown to them) made me feel valued, built my self confidence and my sense of self worth. Thanks to everyone who touched my life during this exceptional journey, I will confidently venture forth and enrich the lives of others using my newly acquired skills.



I have always loved massaging my family and friends, so I decided to learn how to massage properly. The course was taught in a fun and “hands on” learning style. The teachers were inspirational with a friendly and supportive class. Even after graduating, we still catch up. I am now running my own business setting up a clinic, running home visits, clinical corporate massage and casual work for other therapists. I definitely made a great decision to study massage, it has given me more options than I have ever dreamt of.



A mature age student and now full time carer for my elderly parents, I embarked on a wonderful journey with SIBT in 2000. Completing Remedial Massage, Reflexology and now having almost completed my Aromatherapy Training. My satisfaction is with knowledge that my training has been with extremely competent and professional teachers in a great school. The staff at SIBT, both administrative and teaching have been caring and accommodating to my needs and I have treasured the time spent in working in a very rewarding profession.



I have been with the school attending courses since 1998, after being a primary school teacher for 20 years. Health and fitness were always a priority to me, both in my personal life and in my classroom, so it was natural that I fell in love with alternate therapies. I now have my own business, and am adding different modalities such as aromatherapy, reflexology and lymphatic drainage to enhance what I can offer my clients. It has been an amazing journey for me and I have made valued friends of students, lecturers and staff at the School.



All my life I told myself I'd go to University and that's exactly what I did. However, halfway through my course in Exercise Science I realised I needed something more “hands on”.When I think of where I am at this point in my life, it's hard to believe that I was once a struggling uni student serving fish and chips in a café. I don't know toomany people my age who can say they have their own business. I had an absolutely amazing time studying at SIBT and can't wait to get back there.



At 43 years of age I thought a change of direction was needed. WOW, I could not have made a wiser decision than doing a full-time Remedial Massage course with the School of Integrated Body Therapy. The course is taught in such a professional, caring and positive way and the staff are very professional in their approach. I discovered so much about the human body and myself along the way. I feel a whole new world has opened up to me, and within me. I cannot recommend the School highly enough.



My time with SIBT was a great experience and changed my direction in life for the better.As time goes by, and my experience grows in many different places in Australia, I appreciate morethe professionalism I encountered within the School. Thanks to Maggie Sands and teachers for the inspiration.


Cairns, QLD

At age 44, I made a very big decision in my career life, I needed to find a new direction. Nursing had served a purpose, now it was time for a change. A friend suggested massage. I could utilise skills that I would learn, and work part-time at both jobs till I could build up a clientele. So this was the beginning, a journey not only about learning new skills, but learning about life and myself. Although there were a few challenges to be met for me personally, I found the support and the encouragement to continue from the staff and teachers at S.I.B.T. The education I received has been of the highest standard, the teachers are very professional. I have skills, wherby I can treat the public, as well as take these skill into the community on a voluntary basis. I would never have been able to provide these service without the various modalities on offer from the school.


Singleton, NSW

I am 50 years old and have suffered chronic back pain. I had been previously told that I would have to live with the pain. I decided to enrol in the massage course. I admit I felt sceptical at first and did not believe massage would be able to assist me. After receiving regular treatments from my classmates the chronic pain that plagued me for years has eased. I feel a sense of wellbeing and am more positive in dealing with life’s challenges.



My time studying with SIBT has been a great experience. Along the way I have been introduced to a whole new world. I have discovered so much about the human body and about myself. I loved the hands-on learning style and found the teachers and administration staff to be friendly and supportive. I feel that I have definitely made the right decision to study massage and I am eager to begin my career in such a successful industry. I now plan to continue my studies in natural therapies and cannot recommend the School highly enough. Thank you to all at SIBT who have made my journey such a rewarding experience.


Hawks Nest, NSW

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